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Advertisement placement in subway

Saint-Petersburg’s subway scheme

For your convenience, the site created interactive scheme of Saint-Petersburg’s subway, on which your can select the station you interested in and receive complete information about advertising on it.



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Advertising in Saint-Petersburg subway

Advertising in subway from «Saint-Petersburg subway» company is a professional placement of advertising in subway and adjacent territories. Advertising in subway works on wide audience and thereby is a powerful tool of your advertising campaign. Advertising in subway is in a great demande.

Additional information

It is not surprising, because the audience coverage of advertising in subway in as broad as outdoor advertising or television, but the cost of advertising campaign in subway is still lower. Due to wide audience coverage, the placement of advertising in subway considerably increases the efficiency of advertising campaign itself. It can help to hold image advertising campaign, brand promotion or, for example, inform about news millions of potential clients, which are subway passengers. “Saint-Petersburg subway” company can help you.

This site will help you to understand the advertising space of Saint-Petersburg subway and our staff will develop and offer effective advertising campaign to promote your products and services. “Saint-Petersburg subway” places advertising in Saint-Petersburg subway. All kinds of advertising in subway of Saint-Petersburg: advertising in subway trains, sound advertising on stations, light boxes on escalator’s balustrades, advertising in lobbies and passages and subway.

Information about subway of Saint-Petersburg on official site Statistics, economy, news, vacancy, services, stations mode of operation you can find on official site of Saint-Petersburg’s subway. Advertising in subway of Saint-Petersburg is on our site.

Discounts and special offers for Saint-Petersburg subway advertising placement see on our official VK account