Advertising in metro St. Petersburg
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Light posters 1,2×1,8 m (city format)

Light posters are the most popular kind of advertising in Saint-Petersburg’s subway. Laminated posters are accepted for the placement, printed as well on the backlit, as on the paper. Poster of big format allow placing more texts, which is actual for the placement of information about sales, concerts, different actions. Also the advertising carrier is popular for trademarks and brands advertising.

The cost of advertising on city formats

Attention! Prices are valid for 01.01.2021 and include VAT (20%)

Name of stations Rental fees for 1 board, rub. / 1 month
1 category: Nevskij pr., Mayakovskaya, Ploshchad Vosstaniya, Technologicheskij institut, Sadovaya, Sennaya Ploshchad, Spasskaya, Chernyshevskaya, Vladimirskaya, Vasileostroskaya, Petrogradskaya, Dostoevskaya, Nevskij pr. - transition Gostinyj dvor, Admiralrejskaya, Zvenigorodskaya, Pushkinskaya 39 800,00
2 category: Other stations 1,2x1,8 mare places 33 600,00
  • Minimal period of the placement is 1 month.
  • A contract for 6 months or more receives an additional discount of 5%.
  • The cost of replacement is paid additionally

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