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Sain-Petersburg metro. Advertisement in train carriages

Advertising in trains has great advantages in comparison with other kinds of transit advertising, due to large passenger flow and long audience contact with advertising carriers. Man, caught in a closed space wagon, is forced to learn the content of advertising stickers and posters inside it during the trip.

Advertising places in wagons help to give information to standing and sitting people. Detailed information about every advertising carriers in wagons can be got by clicking on the link on the interactive scheme of the wagon.


Saint-Petersburg’s subway can plan your advertising placement in wagons of Saint-Petersburg subway. We offer you different formats of stickers in subway wagons: on window leaves, above doors, on windows and etc.

Today stickers are the main carriers in wagons. Posting stickers produced in designated areas of the wagons (wagon glass windows and doors, cladding panel). Special metal surfaces for posting stickers above windows and doors are set in old wagons of Saint-Petersburg’s subway.

Depending on subway of other Russian towns the special frames, protecting advertising image from external influences, for advertising posters of different formats are set in partition between the door and window in wagons of Saint-Petersburg’s subway. Also the image production on the paper is considerably cheaper of the same format stickers.

The cost of advertising

The placing on the separately selected branches is positioned at a premium of 20%. Minimum volume - 100 pieces (On the glass of the door 350×150 mm - 200 pieces).

info Attention! Prices are valid for 01.09.2023 and include VAT (20%)
1000×155 420×135 300×420 600×420 400×155 500×120 350×150 420×600 300×420
Location / Size (mm)
Cost of the placement for one place per month, rub. *
Stickers on sticky film
Above the door 1000×155
3 600 rub.
Above the window 420×135
1 000 rub.
On the window 300×420 *
5 100 rub.
On the window 600×420 *
7 900 rub.
Above the door side 400×155
1 100 rub.
On the window leave 500×120 *
1 300 rub.
On the glass of the door 350×150 *
2 000 rub.
Paper posters
Format А2 420×600
8 500 rub.
Format А3 420×300
5 100 rub.
  • * В марте, апреле, сентябре, октября и декабре действует повышающий сезонный коэффициент 1,1
  • The positioning of all stickers, besides advertising places on the doors, produced inside the wagon
  • * - only double-sided stickers
  • ** - one side stickers on the transparent film or double-sided on non-transparent film
  • Minimum term of Agreement is 1 month
  • A discount for exceeding the minimum volume and duration of the order in the amount of 3% are provided for advertisers
  • In the absence of positioning stickers placed on all metro lines

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