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Advertising light boxes (767×1217 mm) at escalators

Light box is a two-sided box with light and opening panels for advertising image installing. Today these advertising constructions are used only in subway of Saint-Petersburg.

Light boxes are perfect for not only advertising campaign of different groups of goods, but also as information guide. Advertising posters for installation on light boxes balustrades are printed on backlit with mandatory lamination.

The cost of advertising on light boxes

info Attention! Prices are valid for 01.09.2023 and include VAT (20%)
Size of poster / advertising field 767×1217 mm / 750×1200 mm, format is vertical
Distribution basis cost of 1 poster on 1 side of lightbox with VAT 18% (without cost of poster production) 1 category
Nearby escalator at the bottom A + all light boxes in transition
43 000,00 rub.
2 category
Lightboxes at the exit of the subway
38 000,00 rub.
3 category
All other light boxes
33 000,00 rub.
  • The cost of replacement is paid additionally
  • Cost of the placement depends on station, please contact with our specialist

Light boxes scheme location

The side A of the light box faces the platform or upper vestibule, and side B - the escalator. Note: ↑ Э - at the top of escalators; ↓ Э - at the bottom of escalators; ↓ П - at the entrance to the platform

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