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Passages branding

Passages branding inSt. Petersburg subway stations is one of the most effective and creative ways of communication for announcing different events and also for distribution of goods and services. It has maximum impact on passengers, allowing advertisers to stand out from the crowd.This is due to the scale of recruitment into the confined space of passages, as well as the impact on the emotional world of the passenger.Going into the passage, people are literally immersed in a new and unusual atmosphere of the subway world.


Such a non-standard format of the advertising field is ideal for demanding and creative advertiser, ready to be always one step ahead of all its competitors.Advertising designed wall in passage attracting attention best suits large format image advertising, which generates brand loyalty.

Itispossible to makeauniquedesignfor passages with 3D technology! Stereo panel of big-format (till 300 m2) creating the effect of volumewill make a lasting impression on the subway passengers and become an outstanding event, and will have an impact in the media space of the city.

Possible transitions branding